Nicos Stergiou for President

By Lydia Alaiadi


Nicos has an amazing background that showcases his involvement in numerous events. He studies Finance and has helped in the creation of the Investment Club at Deree. He is working at the Public Affairs office and along with that, he is a student assistant at SASS.

Before the interview, we started discussing the elections and the student life but we soon realized that we had to be on the record.


Why do you want to be president and what do think would be your role as the GB leader?

Actually, the first sign for me to run for this position was the previous academic year where I took part in various events that included all the majors. Being in touch with different students from different backgrounds, I discovered that along with my team we were in a very good position to understand the needs and what the other students want. Now I am in a better position to organize better and act accordingly.

I believe there are two different dimensions. First, to complement student’s degrees with various certificates, not just events, and lectures but hands-on experiences with organizations outside the college. Secondly, I want to close the gap between the students and the faculty. Hosting for example lunches between the two can create a strong contact and give the chance to discuss the problems and how to solve them.


In your mind, how will you be a leader?

We need to have students engaged as much as possible, this is the most crucial thing for us.


What is it that you think you have to offer that other candidates might not?

My track record, what I have achieved and the fact that I have lots of contacts to achieve what I mentioned earlier. I am already in touch with various foundations from abroad that will be able to even fund scholarships or help with executive seminars, one that we are organizing now. My network and my ability to expand it will help the students. If you have a very solid vision you will be able to inspire the students.


How do you feel when you see that students are not motivated to participate in the student life right now? How do you think you could motivate them?

I had the exact opposite experience through the events that I have organized. Hands-on experience and good events make students engaged. In three fundraising events, we raised an incredible amount of money for one just from a bake sale. Students want to be engaged but they need the right circumstances and someone who will be able to offer them a good organization.


Clubs are a big part of the Student Life. Being the leader of a large body can require the ability and willingness to deal with a crisis. For example, what if something would happen that would create big tension with clubs? How would you handle that? Have you ever had to deal with a crisis?

I have dealt with a crisis. The main ways to deal with that are the right procedures and transparency. No one will be able to complain if you have those.


What do you think will be the most difficult aspect of being a representative of the entire student body?

The role is very challenging. I appreciate what this government has done so far, a challenging role in general. To go the extra mile and do things that will stay memorable and set the bar high.


Yesterday you were unable to be in the presentations of the candidates due to work as I understand. How do you intend to manage studies and your duties, in the event you are elected?

My schedule is full with my studies, two jobs, volunteering and the clubs. The key for me is setting goals, and having a good organization.


Will you be able to manage it all?

I will have to drop out something of course.


What is your relationship with the current student government body?

Very good. I am friends with both Ariadne and Alex and I will be able to be guided by them and I look forward to collaborating with everyone.


Did you manage to have a clear picture of what the students need?

We asked all our friends and their friends and made sure to listen to everyone.


Tell us about your relationship with Dimitris.

We are very good friends for years now. Beyond being friends; we are also colleagues at SASS. We have many things in common for what we want to achieve, and we understand each other. Communicating inside and outside the college has created a very strong relationship between the two of us.

Finally, in the case you get elected, how are you planning on working with the rest of the team?

They all come from different backgrounds, clubs, and societies for example. We will have the chance to create a very diverse government; we will be able to represent all the students together.


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