Deree’s Got Talent!

Deree’s Got Talent!

By Nancy Lappa

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The Gazette Club organizes the most entertaining event of the year, Deree’s Got Talent. I met with Lydia Alaiadi, the acting editor in chief of the Gazette, to acquire some details about the event. It will take place on March 29, 2018, at The Student Lounge during Activity Hour (13:40-15:00).

A fun on-campus event that is open to all students to participate either as competitors or judges! As Lydia says the Lip Sync Battle organized last year by the Gazette Club was a highly successful event that attracted many students and thus the idea of creating a bigger event for talented students was born! It’s a unique event and all students are welcome and encouraged to participate either competing, presenting or judging, or simply helping in organizational matters! It’s right before the Easter break so it’s a great way to relax, have fun and entertain ourselves just before finals!

Despite the fact that the Gazette has nothing to do with dancing and they decided to create this fun event in order to have people engaged in the student life but also promote the club! The Gazette is not only about writing or editing [as an online magazine]! As Lydia said “Of course there are already some contestants but we still want more. I’m sure there are many talented people in the college that maybe don’t know about the event! You can still declare your interest by March 25th!

Tip: magicians are always encouraged to participate in the event!

Moreover, the voting process will involve judges and audience participation in order to discover the top 3 contestants! However, despite the democratic and fun spirit of this event, the judges will actually have to go through an interview process in order to secure the unbiased nature of the contest! So, 5-7 judges will vote for the top three [so that the result is even] and the audience will vote their favorite via the Deree Gazette Facebook page! And of course, there will be a prize for the winner (stay tuned)!

Usually, people who dance or sing or play an instrument participate in such contests but those who can actually do stand-up comedy or magic tricks are highly encouraged to join and have fun! The ultimate goal of this contest is to engage and to bring people together across all disciplines to share this entertaining college experience! The Gazette wants people to attend this event, bring their friends, and have a great time! Plus, it’s a great opportunity for everyone who aspires to become a professional to have this onstage experience!

To sum up, everyone is encouraged to participate or simply attend the event and have a great time right before the end of the semester! Just join the fun and declare your interest by March 25, 2018!

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